Director of AuSilica Mr. Vladimir Lukashov is experienced professional in industrial minerals. He has a lot of registred Patents and technologies in Europe and Asia.

Vladimir Lukashov is:

-  President of Industrial Minerals association (Russia),

-  Member  of the Supreme Mining Council of Russia,

-  Authorized Representative of Russian Mining operators in Queensland (Australia).

-  Honor title «Russian Miner»


AuSilica Pty Ltd was established in 2014 to implement new technologies of using industrial minerals for different industrial applications.

The main project of AuSilica is producing high quality sinthetic silica from domestic raw materials.




Australia has lots of deposits good quality industrial minerals, such perlite, diatomite, zeolite, etc. In contrast to others industrial developed countries: USA, Europe, Canada Japan, etc, Australian farmers and enterprises weakly use useful industrial minerals particularly in agriculture. On the first step AuSilica plans to sharply increase this sector.


AuSilica Pty Ltd is Manufacturer's Sales Representative of Jacon Technologies (Australia) in Russian Federation and CIS.

AuSilica is currently conducting a research and development program including detailed laboratory testwork. This work will lead to pilot plant trials, feasibility study and ultimately commercial production.

Very important project for Australian agriculture is effective using natural mineral ECOPROMIN, that helps increase products yields, reduce watering and save fertilizer.